5 Collection Items Women Have High Selling Value

Shopping is a hobby of most women. Without realizing it, the purchased goods collect in large quantities. Apparently, certain items that are often purchased this can be a profitable investment in the future. Anything? The following reviews as quoted from hargapromosupermarket.com :1. Jewelry

Women are known as a creature who likes to preen. Therefore, it is not strange promo alfamart if little by little jewelry collected into a collection.

Consciously or unconsciously, by bit by bit buying jewelry, both from precious metal and precious stone, the women concerned are investing promising for the future.

In Dailymail.co.uk reported by an average woman in a regularly investing jewelry will have a treasure trove in the future. On the site mentioned that the average jewelry will be worth up to £ 6,000 or approximately Rp 102 million and this number will continue to increase over time.

A very fantastic number promo alfamidi is not it ?! This is because the value of each collection increases by about £ 2,000 (Rp 34 million) in ten years.

2. Branded Shoes

For the fashion enthusiast , of course shoes to be goods that must matching with the clothes worn. Not infrequently the fashionista has a lot of pair of shoes with various models that eventually rarely used.

Branded shoes can hold value that can increase in the future. Shoe collectors will be willing to buy vintage footwear at a high price promo carrefour. Usually the sale of shoes like this is done on auction sites like eBay on the eventcertain.

3. Branded Beautiful Bags

Similar to shoes, bags are also items that can be mixed and match for women who like to appear hits with the latest fashion. However, not all branded bags can be a promising investment.

Some of them dropped in value very quickly, Valextra, Tod’s, Versace, Etro, Marni, Alexander Wang, 3.1 Philip Lim, and Marc Jacob.

Bags from Channel brand, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Christian Louboutin, Cartier, David Yurman, Alaia, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Goyard have steadily stable values. The best investments for women’s bags are Givency, Victoria Beckham, Charlotte Olympia and Alexander McQueen for having a high sale price promo giant.

4. Books

There are many women who love to read books to fill their leisure time. Mareka also includes people who still often buy books in physical form even though now many editions of eBooks .

Apparently, harga promo the book can also be a profitable investment, especially the original printed books of the first edition of a classic story especially if the condition is well preserved. For example, the novel by John Kennedy Toole first published in 1980 is now worth up to $ 4,000 (Rp 52 million). The investment value of a used classic book will be much higher if it is affixed by the authors’ signature.

Poster Film

5. Movie Posters

For film fans, not infrequently who collect posters of movies that they like to just be a display in their bedroom. However, who would have thought a sheet of a film poster that is not expensive can be a lucrative investment in the future.

Old school films, in particular, can have tremendous price increases potential. This is because posters of vintage films were made in the days before the boom of digital media so that the number of such posters is very rare.

To reload a photo promo indomaret from a vintage moviewill cost so much that the poster is almost impossible to produce again. This is the attraction for rare goods collectors who will raise the value of vintage film posters . For example, the “Pulp Fiction” movie poster, worth less than US $ 100, is now worth US $ 1,000.